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Which is the most suitable Apple laptop to buy, Macbook Air or Pro, have a look

Is Macbook Air Better Than Macbook Pro?

With its new M1 CPU, the 13-inch MacBook Pro squeezes a lot of power into a thin and lightweight (3-pound) body – and it even has an excellent keyboard. Yes, the 13-inch MacBook Pro contains the same M1 chip as the MacBook Air, but it has a fan inside to keep things cool, so it can run demanding tasks for longer.

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With recent updates like the new Magic Keyboard, both gadgets are better than ever. However, there are intricacies that can make a significant difference depending on the sort of labor. The MacBook Air is capable of modest picture processing and even video editing, but you’ll need the extra capability of the 16-inch MacBook Pro for intensive 3D work. For some designers, the latter’s huge 16-inch screen is a vital feature, but there are also small changes between the screens of these computers to be aware of.

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