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WORDLE has taken over our Twitter timelines, with millions of players logging on to guess the same five-letter word each day. The game has inspired several spin-offs – which are the best Wordle-style puzzles out there?

If your daily game of Wordle isn’t enough to keep you entertained, why not try one of the Wordle spin-offs? Other games have taken inspiration from the colourful Wordle tiles and applied the format to different topics – testing your knowledge of geography, maths and even harder vocabulary puzzles.

These are the Wordle spin-offs you need to start playing today.


No, that’s not a typo – Worldle is a geography-based spin-off of Wordle.

You will see the outline of a country and have six guesses at which country you’re looking at.

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What are the best Wordle spin-offs? (Image: Getty)

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Quordle game

Quordle is four Wordles in one – but is it four times as fun? (Image: Getty)

Wrong guesses tell you how many kilometres away your guess was, and points at the direction of travel.

If you want to test your knowledge of the globe, Worldle is the game for you.


For mathematicians, Nerdle is an arithmetic game where you have to correctly guess the maths equation.


Nerdle is great for practising maths skills (Image: Getty)

You are given eight tiles, the numbers zero to nine, and addition, subtraction, division and multiply functions.

Then you must create an equation, with the tiles telling you which numbers are in the right places.

This puzzle has 17,723 possible outcomes – but there’s only one correct answer each day.


If one Wordle isn’t enough for you – why not try doing four Wordles at once?


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Wordle isn’t the only addictive daily puzzle game (Image: Getty)

Quordle turns four regular Wordle games into one large quadrant of 36 squares.

You get nine guesses in total, and each word you guess is applied to all four puzzles.

It sounds impossible, but you can get the hang of it quite quickly.

Once you’ve got the hang of Quordle, you can try Octordle.

Not for the faint-hearted, Octordle challenges you to solve EIGHT Wordle games at once in just 13 guesses.


As the name suggests, Lewdle is a naughty update on Wordle.

The game is the same as Wordle – you have six guesses to uncover a five-letter word – but all the words are vulgar or offensive swear words.

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